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The Benefits of Artificial Pollination include:-

- Increased Seed numbers
- Increased Fruit size
- Increased Dry matter
- Increased Class 1 Packouts
- High conversion from flowers to export fruit
- Reduced on orchard costs
- Pollination Insurance Policy

Advantages of more seeds
Fruit with higher seed numbers are better at competing for carbohydrates and vine resources, and accumulate more dry matter than fruit with low seed numbers.

Case Study
In the July / August Kiwifruit Journal 2008 an article based on the pollination results of the Zespri Focus group orchards showed that there were gains of $3622 to $6415 dollars per Hectare from better pollination. This was done comparing actual orchard results against optimal pollination (Optimal pollination was fruit that was hand pollinated in each orchard).

On the McCormick orchard Bee + Blower pollination returned $3,070 per Ha more compared with Bee pollination only. This was a result of one round of Blower pollination at a cost of less than $1000 giving an excellent return on investment.

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